Are you “mama” tired from spinning your wheels trying to teach reading at home? Is what you're doing just not working? I've got you!

Use the 5 Steps to Teaching Reading at Home (like a pro - no experience needed) to supply yourself with the knowledge you need to stop spinning those wheels and start finding joy and ease in the process. 

It’s time to stop feeling unequipped for the journey of teaching reading at home and arm yourself with the knowledge to do so. 

What you'll find inside

  • 5 steps to understand teaching reading no matter your child's level

  • A daily reading flow and guide for yourself (teacher) and child (learner)

  • Phonics progression chart so you always know your child's current phonics skill level and where they are headed next

  • Quick beginning reading assessment to determine if your child is ready to begin phonics instruction yet (don’t skip this step)

  • Actionable tips for building a culture of reading at home (hint: it starts with you!)

The Brightly Balanced Classroom